Preparing Your Song For A Acapella & Beat Mix

Preparing Your Song For A Acapella & Beat Mix

The most important thing for a good mix and master is having both files with their dynamics not squashed or pumping into a limiter. You can read more HERE for Pre-Mastering Tips. Make sure the Beat / Instrumental that you or the producer supply’s has plenty of headroom. Don’t worry about loudness at this stage, the focus should be on getting a good sound.

The stems need to be printed without any effects on the stereo output and without any clipping. Low levels are not a problem, a mix that is clipping and to loud will not sound good when your vocal is added then those two parts are then processed together.

Both parts should be bounced from zero and supplied in the Wav format. MP3 loses quality and should be avoided in the Production & Mastering stage’s.

Keep all your faders from hitting 0db

Stay out of the red, If you are not sure just turn all your faders down by 4 or 5 db. The more room and dynamics we have to work with the better your finished master will be. If you need it louder just turn up your volume.

[quote cite=”Bob Katz”]It’s not how loud you make it, it’s how you make it loud.[/quote]

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