Anything audio related and we do it. We have mixed and mastered everything from Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, Blues, Reggae, Latin, Ambient, Documentaries. We also do audio restoration, Podcasts Compilation’s & Sound Effects
Most songs are mastered within 3 to 4 business days. Each mix is different and the time it will take to complete will be discussed on order.
This is for people who like to make changes to their music after hearing the mastered version. For example, It allows you to after hearing your first master go back and change whatever you want in the mix, that could be new drums all vocals up, etc. You can do this two times after your original master.
Details of how you can pay are on the order page.
No problem, send it over and we will give you some free advice an a valuable second opinion
You can find more details and tips on how to prepare your song HERE
No problem, revisions are free and if there are any changes you need we will be happy to make them.
This is quite normal and is common for successful producers to go back and change their mixes after hearing a master, as it can sometimes reveal mistakes or highlight area’s that need improvement. For customers that like to do a lot of revisions or who want extra options you can purchase the Master + service at £40 per song. For an additional £15 This allows you to make up to 2 changes to your mix.
I will take anything you have, But we like stereo 24 bit Wav files the best.
No problem, if there is anything you would like to ask, send us a e-mail through the Contact section