Hip Hop Mastering


With 20+ years experience in the Hip Hop music industry as a DJ, Producer & Record Label Owner, i know how to make your music sound good. I have appeared on 20+ million records and engineered and produced songs for The Notorious B.I.G, Rakim, Jay-Z, Anthony Hamilton, Lil Kim, Special ED, Angie Stone, Spragga Benz and many more.

Single songs Mastered are £25 each. Price includes.

Free Mix Advice, A choice of 24bit or 16bit Wav Master, Instrumental, Clean and Radio Versions.

Recording a feature for a Mixtape or Rapping on somebody’s else’s beat ?

Get a Acapella & Beat mix for just £40. Send me both files and i will clean up the vocal, ride the levels and mix it back with the beat and create a new Master. Extra Clean & Instrumental version’s are free.

Click HERE for tips on how to pre-pare your song for a Acapella & Beat Mix

Wanna take your song to the next level ?

Then get a full professional mix and master. At £125 this is an indie price with a major result. You get two free revisions a 24bit or 16bit Wav Master, High Quality MP3 with Meta Data and Instrumental, Radio and Clean versions at no extra charge.

Click HERE for tips on how to pre-pare your song for mastering.

Below are a few examples of records i have mixed, engineered and produced.


Rakim – Bring It On

This was a song i originally produced & recorded in 1994. The original vocals and drums were transferred from a 1 inch tape and remixed in Cubase in 2013.

[soundcloud id=’74041986′]

Rakim – Get Visual

Another song from the Rakim sessions in 1994 , remastered in 2013.

[soundcloud id=’91985367′]


You can read more HERE about how i worked with The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Things Done Changed

[soundcloud id=’102447265′]

Busy Signal – Step Out

[soundcloud id=’122301624′]


[quote cite=”Bob Katz”]It’s not how loud you make it, it’s how you make it loud.[/quote]