[quote cite=””]FEEDBACK[/quote]

Colin Cooper / Climax Blues Band – Fantastic work on all the Climax Blues Band Re-Masters , Transformed a bunch of 30 year old tapes into sparkling new mixes, Great communication, always ready to help and offer advise, Big thanks from the Cooper Family.

Permanent Damage Records – We have been using Audioblend Mastering for all of our projects for the last 4 Years. Great service, friendly people, & Fantastic masters.

Chris Linder (Ya Sure Records) – As far as the masters go, damn they sound nice! Thanks.

Jonah K – Great Job as usual.

Vertical Rooms – Every big project we have had over the last few years has been either mixed or mastered by Dominic. Top quality from a top bloke.

Lunaburn – Hi Dominic, we love this mix..nice work !

Skypha (Cryptic Recordings) – I think it sounds awesome I have been getting good response back on it !!

Niko-k – Loving The Masters, Big thanks.

Mr Chimps – Thanks for all your work on this project! my masters sound great.

Cottonmouth – (PDR – Dub Zilla) –Ive been working with the guys for all my masters & remixes, Always a pleasure.

Dub All Or Nothing – Perfect Again.

Raziel Angel –  It’s perfect for me, very punchy and clean too. You made a very good job, i’m happy.

Dj HighLord – Yes, loving the sound nice solid bass & tuff compression !!!!!!

UnSub – Sweet.

Zombie Boy – Dude, you are the man.

B.A.D – I was at the studio earlier today and had a listen. The mix sounds great.

Madear – Sweet thanks its perfect man. Thanks for working with me on the sound

Xilanteress – Audioblend Mastering not only has delivered an excellent sound,but they were kind enough to take some creative direction with the final mastered track. Turn around time was quicker than expected, with a enthusiastic approach to what they do.Highly recommended.

Gunja Brothers – Smoking masters dude.

Levi Roots – Big UP on The Mix……

Egg Chann – Fantastic work mate, will be back for more.

Resonance – Hella Yes ! Brilliant.

Dj Zoom – Very happy & Back Again.

Charlie Sloth (BBC Radio 1Xtra) – Top Job Mate !!!

Bash Brother Beats – It sounds great thanks for the quick turn around

Themis Vasa – Thank you so much for the nice work! C U next time.

Dj Tun3 – Thanks for the master, i think it sounds really awesome 🙂

Riccicomoto – Great Masters Guys, Many thanks from Germany.

Beyond Reality – fast, as heck, with quality work, can’t beat this deal.

Mkzz2000 – Great Work. Very talented and seriously knows what he is doing.

Kwerk –  Thank you for rescuing my song mix sounds great.

Jon Furr – yeah man thats it, these are tight, hope to work with you again soon, thank you.

Acidhedz – Great job! Really balanced out the track. Acidhedz will be back for more.

Superchill – I really like it compared to how it was, did you add a little “grit” to it.

Notty Culture – Love it.

Joe Kibble – Sounds fantastic pal, and that was quicker than I thought it would be!

The CrazyMarcDoc – Excellent work! going to order more tunes.

Sounds Super – SOUNDING LOUD & AWESOME !!!!! Great work !

Dj Zorm – Thank you ! good master.

Jonny M – Awesome Job mate! You are now our go to guy for mastering. Thanks for this.

Sam Hughes – The master is sounding really good.

DesDesign – Excellent job..very happy..done much faster than expected..highly recommend A++….will order more.

 Vertex 666 – Absolutely fantastic result!! And the guy is a gem to deal with.The master sounds great, nice compression, good eq, nice punch. will purchase again!

Evan Moinvaziri – So I got your masters and posted them for the remix contest, and my feedback is amazing.

Spiffincat – That sounds great, much better! You really brought it out, thanks Dominic.

Jon May – Sounds absolutely incredible! Thanks a lot man !

Chris Priest – I really like the new masters.

Kvarik Istvan – Man, it sounds really nice, you did great work  !! Thanks a lot, i hope we will meet again!

John Thorton AKA Trapsetter – Sounds great, cheers for that.

Dj Modesty – OK, Thanks Dominic for Good Work.

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