Colin Cooper Project

The Colin Cooper Project

Climax Blues Band Albums

In 2012 i was hired as the Executive Producer and mix engineer for the “Colin Cooper Project” My first job was to Re-Master The Climax Blues Band’s last studio recording “The Big Blues” album for the re-release on Repertoire Records. Colin Cooper was the lead singer and founding member of “The Climax Blues Band” who formed in the early 1960’s and went on to sell several million records with the smash hit “Couldn’t Get It Right” alongside 24 other studio and live album’s.

Climax Blues Band Albums 2

After Colin’s passing in 2010 he left a whole catalog of un-released songs and recording’s with over Fifty Adat’s, One and Two Inch Tape’s, Mini Disks, and Cassette’s. I sat down with Colin’s son Ben who looks after colin’s music and we both decided these recordings were to valuable not to be heard and left to rot away. Lot’s of the tape’s weren’t in the best of condition and had to be repaired and fixed before i could do anything with the stem’s. You can read HERE about how engineer Clive Spencer converted the tapes.

The first release from the catalog is “From The Vault’s” a collection of Colin’s 15 favourite blues song’s. I’m really enjoying working on this project, there is complete creative control, no requests for loud masters and no rushed deadline’s. Production for the follow up album will begin April 2014 and Colin’s vocals will be appearing in several other projects and collaboration’s later on this year.

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