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We have been working with Dominic on the Climax Blues Band re-issues over the last couple of years and we have always been very impressed with the results. He gave us lots of helpful advice and helped turn a bunch of dusty old tapes into pristine new masters.

Our latest project From The Vaults is the first original release since Colin Coopers passing and was engineered, mixed and mastered by Dominic.

We still have another album and several unreleased songs from the band and these future releases will be intrusted to Dominic.

Ben Cooper – Colin Cooper Trust

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“Everytime I receive a mastered copy of my music from Dominic Owen, I always wonder, “damn,… am I THAT good?” His professional approach to bringing out the beauty in every individual song he’s given, no matter the genre, shows a depth of knowledge and dedication to sound that I am grateful for. I put my life into my music, and it’s nice to know that Dominic not only understands that, but will take the tracks to a level I never thought possible. Everytime. I don’t need to go anywhere else. Grateful,.. doesn’t even come close.” –

Mark Hjorthoy

You can listen to more of Mark’s music HERE.

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Dominic has done great work on my projects in the past year. At first i was skeptical about sending tracks over the internet for mastering. As i live in Bermuda there are not much options for professional mastering and traveling abroad to get tracks mastered would be too expensive. I was relieved once i received a warm human response to my initial inquiry. The turn around was quick and impressive !

Even though i was new to the idea Dom made it an easy process by suggesting helpful things i could do improve the outcome of my mastered tracks. Since then I’ve been using Audioblend Mastering ever since! Happy camper.

Derek Simmons

Stream or download the album for free HERE.

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I’ve had nothing but fantastic results working with Dom.  He’s easy to communicate with, even a continent away, and his mastering expertise has added the final missing element to many of my tracks.


Toronto – Canada.

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Permanent Damage has a varied roster with different artists from across the world. Like us they all really care about their music and Dominic has produced some fantastic results for us.

He always offers helpful advice on the mixes we release and has helped us improve many of our projects.

Andy, Ben & Joe – Permanent Damage Records.

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Ive had great success working with Dominic Owen over the last few years. He always has a friendly approach and offers constructive points on my projects to help me improve my sound.

Riccicomoto – Ibiza.

You can listen to Riccicomoto’s “Audio Selfdefence Show” On Ibiza Global Radio every Saturday at 3pm.


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