Freeware Compressors

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Audio Damage Rough Rider


Billed as a modern compressor with a “Vintage” feel the “Rough Rider” will add a vibe and colour to your tracks. You can really make things pump with this and it sound’s great on drum’s, bass and percussion.


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Feedback Compressor IIfeedback compressor

The Feedback Compressor II was created in 2013 by “Tokyo Dawn Records” and can be used for mixing and mastering job’s. The difference with this compressor is instead of analysing the input like most compressor’s it analyze’s the output. To deliver what they say is unobtrusive and highly musical compression characteristic.


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molot compressor freeware

The Molot is a nice freeware compressor unit, developed by Vladislav Goncharov, that looks and sounds like it came out of an old russian radio station. This is anything but a transparent compressor and add’s a lot of colour to your sound. It has a lot of control’s so if you enjoy tweaking this will be perfect for you. It’s a little heavy on the CPU and has been designed for use on group’s or busses



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