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How should I prepare my song for you ?
There are a few tips on how to prepare your pre-masters HERE.

What if I don’t like the way my master sounds ?
I want you to be happy, If changes are needed i will gladly make them.

I need some advice on my mix, I’m not sure it sounds right to be mastered ?
Send It To me and i will give you an honest opinion & tell you if its ready to be mastered or not.

What type of file’s do you accept ?
I will take anything you got , but i like WAV files best.

What kind of music do you Master ?
Ive mixed & mastered everything from Hip Hop, Dance Music, Ambient, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Podcasts, Compilations & Sound Effects.

How long does the whole process take ?
You will get a reply within 24 business hours after your order is paid for. Then generally single song’s are mastered within 2 to 3 Business days. Album’s are normally 3 to 4 Business days. If you are in a rush let me know.

I’ve been telling lots of people about you, What’s in it for me ?
Every time you refer somebody to Audioblend Mastering i master a song for you Free.

I’m a loyal customer, do I get any special treatment ?
Yes you do, once you have paid for 10 Masters you get a free master.

Why should I use Audioblend Mastering ?
I have a strong passion for music and sound and have been doing this for a long time. My reputation means everything to me and my priority is making sure you are happy. I have mastered over 1500 Digital & physical release’s in the last few years as well as many records that have made there way onto the Radio, including my own & other peoples productions. In other words i khow to make your music sound great. Still not sure, then have a look at my feedback.

I have a radio edit of my song do I have to pay twice ?
No, i dont believe you should pay twice, if you have another edit that needs the same treatment and you send it at the same time, this is free of charge.

I like the sound of your music, Are you available for Production & Do you do Remixes ?
Yes i do remixes and production and have many credits, Contact me with details of your project and budget.

The answer to my question isn’t here ?
No problems, If there is Anything you need to ask you can contact me HERE.

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