The Love Theme – Grey Skies.

Grey Skies is a new 5 song E.P from “The Love Theme” exclusively mixed and mastered at Audioblend Mastering. Described as revolutionary mood music with an elegant vintage soul and jazz edge by respected indie blog Tuneloud. As always The Love Theme offer high quality 24 bit wav and lossless files for free at Bandcamp.

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Many Years Ago

Many years ago before CDs came out there were a huge number of record companies. Most of them were small. The people who ran those companies spent time LOOKING for talent to promote. They did not get wealthy. They did what they did because they liked it. Then CDs came along, and all of the sudden every company was remastering …

Tiny Leaves

Tiny Leaves

This single track retains sonic authenticity as pedal touches and keystrokes can be heard within the recording. You’ll Be Okay might not save the world but it will evoke nostalgia for the future.   Follow – Tiny Leaves


One of our favourite projects we mastered at Audioblend in 2016 was the debut album from “Equador” Bones Of Man. Singer Bo Bruce and producer / musician Henry Binns met whilst working on tracks for what would become Bo’s top ten debut album in 2013, and immediately hit it off as a writing duo. In 2015 the pair holed up …